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The Bluefield Coal Show 2015

Move it... 
with the latest 1000V AC VFD and control technology for Continuous Miners


  • Reduced installation costs up to 40% compared to OEM parts. 
  • Reduced motor heating by use of copper-barred rotors. 
  • Improved efficiency by reducing heat in the inverters, inside the XP enclosure, and from the trailing cable (on shuttle cars). 
  • Significantly reduced downtime by decreasing wear and tear on mechanical drivetrains. 
  • Improved bottom conditions through the use of Torque Control on traction motors.

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Nautitech Mining Systems (NTMS)



NTMS Contact Information

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Saminco Strata PDT 2014

Saminco's AC Variable Frequency Drive System is paired with Strata's proximity detection system, HazardAvert, to greatly improve safety conditions in mines. Recent testing showed excellent improvement in impeding vehicle motion in the presence of personnel while using the Saminco's AC VFD system with the HazardAvert.